At Prudential Northwest Properties, we provide our experienced agents with an in-depth, ongoing career development program. The goal of this program is to provide relevant, easy to access, and engaging training opportunities in all subjects related to real estate, sales leadership, and personal growth.

Our training courses feature hands-on tasks and real world scenarios that help you to be a more productive and innovative real estate broker.

Training experiences include:

Self-paced courses where you learn at your own speed using our engaging online webinar courses.

Professional development workshops held monthly and allow for group brainstorming, live demonstrations, and the sharing of best practices for today’s challenging market.

One-on-one training sessions allow you to go deeper into your specific training needs. We identify the best tools, resources and instruction to positively transform you and your business.

Key areas of Focus:

Soft Skills for the essential skills of relationship development. You’ll learn how to be a better listener, show discernment when faced with difficult decisions, and demonstrate an authenticity that leads to high-trust relationships with your clients.

Hard Skills for the essential skills to perform the foundational duties of a real estate professional. In these classes, you’ll learn how to be a confident and competent broker as it relates to contracts, pricing homes, contingencies, negotiations, database management, listing/buyer presentations, and more.

Sales Leadership Skills focuses on your unique value proposition for your clients. All of us have different personalities and responses to motivation. This training will help you tap into the unique gifts and talents that are special to you and will help you become a sales leader.